Request our Services

Reach out to schedule the arrival of the Shed It team.

Digitaly Inventoried

The Shed It Solutions team digitally inventories your items.

Shed It

We will Shed your inventoried items in our safe and secure climate-controlled warehouse.

On Demand Retrieval

Reach out to schedule the return of your items.

Only pay for what you store!

Individual Item Shed

Pay by the item. 
Starting as low as $3/month.
$7 pick up and delivery charge apply, per item. 

Bulk Shed

Storage plans starting at $40 per month.
*$30 pickup and delivery charge apply to all Bulk Shed storage. 


Is your life growing out of control and you need to Shed additional items?

No problem, we have the additional space for you which will be charged an additional storage fee of $1.00 per square foot per month.

Your Online Storage Unit

Keep your items organized and safe while never having to visit a storage facility again!
Want an item returned?  With our photographed inventory of your stored items you can easily manage, browse, and select the items you want and have them delivered back to you within 24-48 hours.

How it Works

Once scheduled, our experienced team of service providers will arrive at your location at the agreed upon date and time.  At the time of arrival our team will arrive with a trailer, truck, van or other appropriate vehicle and begin safely and securely packing your items.  As your items are loaded for transportation to our storage facility our team will be simultaneously taking detailed photographs that will serve as your detailed inventory listing.

Throughout the packing process our team will utilize all necessary covers, wraps, straps, etc. to ensure the safety and security of your items.  We kindly ask that any items needing to be boxed be boxed in advance of the arrival of our team.  However, we understand that sometimes things happen and a little additional assistance may be needed.  Don’t worry, we always carry additional packing items and would be happy to provide additional assistance.

Upon the arrival of your items to our safe and secure, climate-controlled warehouse, your belongings will be unloaded and again verified against our photographed inventory listing.  You can then rest assured knowing that your belongings will be safe and secure.

When you are ready for some, or all, of your items to be returned, simply submit your request and our experienced team of service providers will arrive with your belongings.