Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered…


If I need to request the delivery of just one small item from storage, will I be charged the full $30 delivery fee?  

While our standard pricing is to charge the $30 delivery fee regardless of the size of the pickup/delivery we understand that life happens.  Please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate your pickup/delivery within one of our other trips to significantly reduce or eliminate your cost.

Can I deliver and pick up my own goods to your secure warehouse?  

As our climate-controlled warehouse is also a secure space, we unfortunately cannot allow you unauthorized access to the space.  However, if there are specific items that you would like to drop off or pick up, please contact us and we will work to coordinate a time to allow for your access to our facility.

What can I store? 

Pretty much any household item that you can imagine.  Some examples include patio and lawn furniture, lawn mowers and snow blowers, furniture, appliances, boxes, bicycles, seasonal sports equipment, holiday decorations, baby clothes and toys, etc.  We do not accept storage of items such as liquids, illegal substances, hazardous waste, firearms, perishable items, etc.  Please refer to our terms and services document for a comprehensive listing of prohibited items.

Is there a minimum storage commitment? 

No, we understand that your needs can change fast and we want to be there to serve you.

When will I be billed?  

Billing occurs on the first of every month and you will be billed for the full duration of the subsequent month regardless of your “move out date”.  Any pick up and drop off service fees will be billed on the subsequent invoice.

How do I update my billing information or cancel my service?  

Please contact us via telephone or email and our customer service team will work to timely respond to your request.

Junk Removal

How is junk removal priced?

The price that you are charged is influenced by a variety of factors including size of the items disposed, weight of the items disposed, type of material, etc.  While there are a variety of factors that determine the price, you can be assured that once you are quoted a price, there will be no additional charges or hidden fees.

Are there any items that will not be removed?  

Yes, we will not remove liquids, hazardous waste, old tires or motor oil.

Do I need to help with the removal process?

No, just let the team know what needs to be removed and we will Shed It for you.

Can you remove my junk if I am not onsite?  

It depends on the accessibility of the items.  If the items to be removed are accessible, then yes we can remove the items while you are not onsite.  If access to the items is something that can be granted, please make arrangements with the team prior to arrival.

Are you licensed and insured?  

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.

I need to change my appointment date/time or add/remove items from the quoted price.  How do I do that?

No problem, just give us a call and we will make any necessary adjustments to scheduling or items to be Shed.